- Dr. Young’s Research Underscores a Growing Focus in Harnessing Gene Control to Address the Underlying Mechanisms of Cancer for Improved Therapies -

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Syros Pharmaceuticals, a life sciences company harnessing breakthroughs in gene control to revolutionize the treatment of cancer and other diseases, announced today that one of its scientific co-founders, Richard A. Young, Ph.D., will give the opening address at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2014. In his lecture, entitled “Transcriptional and Epigenetic Control of Tumor Cells,” Dr. Young will discuss new insights into the gene control mechanisms that contribute to tumor pathogenesis and opportunities for transcriptional therapeutics. The presentation is scheduled for AACR’s first plenary session: “Harnessing Breakthroughs, Targeting Cures” on April 6 at 9:15 a.m. PT in Hall F-G at the San Diego Convention Center.

“We are very excited about the recognition of Rick’s work by the oncology research community,” said Nancy Simonian, M.D., Syros’ Chief Executive Officer. “Based on this work and an exclusive agreement between the Whitehead Institute and Syros, we have translated these breakthroughs into a gene control platform in human disease tissue, putting Syros at the forefront of using this new science to develop medicines for the key misregulated gene expression programs in cancer. Our goal is to develop treatments for people living with cancers who, today, lack adequate treatment options.”

About Dr. Richard Young

In addition to his role as Syros scientific co-founder, Dr. Young is a member of the Whitehead Institute and professor of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research focuses on the regulatory circuitry that controls the gene expression programs in each cell, including mapping the regulatory circuitry that controls cell state and differentiation. Dr. Young was also elected into the National Academy of Sciences and has served as an advisor to Science magazine and the World Health Organization. In 2006, Scientific American recognized Dr. Young as one of the top 50 leaders in science, technology and business. His awards include a Burroughs Wellcome Scholarship, the Chiron Corporation Biotechnology Research Award, and Yale’s Wilbur Cross Medal. Dr. Young received his Ph.D. from Yale University.

About Syros Pharmaceuticals

Syros Pharmaceuticals is a life sciences company harnessing breakthroughs in gene control to revolutionize the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Syros’ proprietary platform identifies the master switches for disease genes, opening a whole new approach to novel therapeutics. Syros’ initial focus is in cancer, but the company platform will also be applicable to other therapeutic areas. The Company’s founders are pioneers in gene control research and translation. Co-founded and backed by Flagship Ventures and ARCH Venture Partners, Syros Pharmaceuticals is located in Watertown, MA. For more information, visit www.syros.com.

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